Cysts are a common skin condition which appear in the form of noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that is usually filled with fluid, pus, blood or other material. These ailments can occur anywhere on the body and are often extremely hard to the touch, much like a pebble or large pea trapped under the skin.


Cysts can develop for a variety of reasons, such as the result of infection or acne or the clogging of oil glands. They can also develop in or around foreign bodies on the skin, such as piercings.

Cysts tend to be slow-growing and mostly painless, unless continuously disturbed in an aggressive manner, which can result in the mass becoming infected or inflamed. It is important to note that cysts often do not disappear on their own, without treatment.

If you are currently suffering from a cyst, there are a few treatment methods available to you:

  • Cyst draining (a provider will pierce the cyst with a scalpel and drain it)
  • Cortisonemedication injections
  • Surgery

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