Esterson Dermatology’s Anti-Aging Secret

Have you ever found yourself in a bathroom with one of those magnifying mirrors? You know, the ones that typically jut out from the wall beside the vanity, looming in the corner of your eye as you attempt to avoid a mega-enhanced look at every pore to ever exist on your face? And yet, without fail, we usually give in to our own morbid curiosity and tug the mirror out for a full, close-up once over that leaves us wondering if we’ve ever had clear, damage-free skin. Was it all a lie? Was that $120 serum you just bought from Sephora a scam? Are people admiring the highlight dabbed to your cheeks courtesy of your Champagne Pop palette on a daily basis or are they just eyeing last summer’s sun damage?

What if we told you there was a product line that could not only enhance your skin’s appearance and aging process, but help to reduce and rewind damage previously inflicted?

Sure, Christmas may be over, but we are still willing to share this gift with you.

Esterson Dermatology offers an anti-aging kit called the Induction Therapies line. The kit includes a cleanser, “flawless” (TCA renewal), Nutramoist (moisturizer), “All eyes on you” eye cream and “Protect” SPF sunscreen. While we don’t usually brag, this product line is absolutely worth bragging about. In fact, it would be an injustice not to divulge in this age-defying solution with you.

First, let’s talk about the Protect SPF sunscreen. Sure, we may find ourselves eagerly lapping up the sun on the beach each summer, but it is no small secret that sun damage is a serious risk contributing largely to increased rates of skin cancer. The best way to protect yourself? An advanced sunscreen which will help to effectively prevent burns, brown spots, red veins and blotchiness all while simultaneously slowing down the development and signs of premature aging. For best results using Protect, apply this SPF 30 minutes before heading out to bask in the sun.

The Nutramoist moisturizer, on the other hand, works to effectively repair mitochondrial DNA, increase collagen production, reduce signs of aging and dramatically improve the appearance of pigmented, dehydrated skin. Whoever assumes moisturizers are all made the same, could not be more mistaken.

The anti-aging kit also includes a revolutionary skin renewal serum, which works by lifting deep, set in skin discolouration while improving overall skin texture. Not only that, but the daily serum also gently exfoliates damaged skin cells without any intense irritation, making it safe for all skin types. Combine this with a daily dose of Vitamin C serum and not only will your skin look better than ever, but it will boast a healthy, envy-worthy glow all year round.

When used as a complimentary system to address all of your skin-care needs, the cleanser, sunscreen, serum, eye cream and moisturizer work seamlessly together to exfoliate and renew damaged skin, enrich your skin with antioxidants for a healthy, supple glow and erase dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

Okay, we have one last surprise for you. While the retail cost of the kit is $399, we are currently offering the entire anti-aging line to you for $199. For more information regarding the line, please click here or call us today!

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