Get the “Kim Kardashian Effect” this Winter with Microneedling!

We all know how difficult it can be to keep our skin looking it’s best. Between fighting break outs, tracking down the perfect anti-aging product, finding a moisturizer that keeps our skin dewy and supple without an influx of blackheads and of course, nailing that perfect, contoured glow, our skincare regime may feel like a bit of an uphill battle. Not only that, but in our pursuit of the perfect tan throughout the summer months, we likely left our skin with some lasting damage as we head into the heart of winter.

Here at Esterson Dermatology, we offer microneedling to compliment your skincare regime for happier, healthier skin, while also boasting the “Kim Kardashian effect” with a flawless, contoured appearance.

Microneedling is a popular, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to improve your skin’s overall appearance, as the technician uses a derma-roller over selected areas of the skin. The purpose of the microneedling technique is to stimulate collagen production without injuring the top layer of skin. This helps to increase the absorption of skincare products for improved effect, creating a rejuvenated appearance and the reduction of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, facial wrinkles, thinning skin and stretch marks.

The entire microneedling process takes less than one hour. The technician will begin by gently numbing your face with topical anesthetic cream, after which they will use the device to create superficial holes on the face, creating microscopic wounds that trigger the body to produce new collagen and elastin. Redness and mild bruising on the face are the most common, yet temporary symptoms. For best results, do not wear makeup or sunscreen for 24 hours prior to your appointment, and 48 hours after. The number of microneedling sessions depends on the individual skin condition and an interval of 4 to 6 weeks in-between treatments is typically recommended

During the first few days following your appointment, you will likely experience redness and light peeling of the old skin cells. Following this period, there will be an overall improvement to your complexion, texture and firmness of skin, reduction in scars, pore size and stretch marks.

As a popular skincare staple among celebrities boasting envy-worthy skin, like Kim Kardashian, we welcome you to experience the rejuvenating effects of a treatment commonly used as prep for major Hollywood events as you continue throughout your Holiday season. For more information, please click here or schedule an appointment today!

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