Give the Gift of Glow this Mother’s Day

During pregnancy, women are known to have a natural glow that graces their skin with a more radiant appearance due to increased hormone levels. Researchers believe the oils produced, combined with the 50% percent increase to blood flow, allow future mothers to achieve a naturally brighter and fuller face. Most new mothers will explain that this is one of the most enjoyed effects of their pregnancy. But how can we achieve that incredible “glow” while we aren’t enduring nine months of otherwise intense bodily changes?

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Esterson is hosting the ‘Mother & Daughter Special’, which includes a series of luxurious treatments to help you achieve the radiant glow you and your mom deserve. With the Revision Brightening Wash, Vitamin C and SilkPeel and Botox injection, you will leave feeling more radiant than ever before.

First, the Revision Brightening Facial Wash exfoliates dead surface skin cells and cleanses without extracting the natural moisture from your skin. Chock-full of radiant-boosting Vitamin C and lily and licorice extracts, you can expect the Revision treatment to wash away your skin’s impurities, as well as the stresses of motherhood, and leave you with envy-worthy smooth and supple skin. The ultra-rich cleanser contains brightening botanicals and Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids as well as, antioxidants such as white tea extract and Vitamin E.

Once your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, you and your mom will move on to the two-step Vitamin C SilkPeel. Working to both exfoliate and moisturize your skin simultaneously, this treatment is known to leave the ultimate glowing complexion in its wake. The first part of the treatments involves an exfoliation technique that removes the sun-damaged outermost layers of the skin. The hand-held diamond-shaped device allows for targeted precision as it gently removes unwanted cells. To complete the SilkPeel process, a vacuum-induced function is used to cleanse your pores and infuse them a Vitamin C serum. The process stimulates the production of collagen to brighten the skin’s overall appearance for a healthy glow.

After the SilkPeel, it’s time to get rid of any nagging wrinkles (likely inflicted upon your Mother during your terrible two’s) with Esterson’s Botox expertise. Botox has highest satisfaction rate and is the most popular of cosmetic procedures with over 3 million people receiving injections every year. Botox mimics one of the proteins in your nerve-muscle complex causing the the receptor to ignore signals from the nerve. With a few quick injections, Botox is a safe way to diminish fine lines and, quite literally, take years off your face.

For our Mother’s Day special, Esterson Dermatology is offering the Brightening Wash, Vitamin C and SilkPeel for $250, in addition to our staple Botox treatment for $299. What better way to spend Mother’s Day, than by enjoying incredible savings while celebrating your mother and spoiling your skin with the perfect glow and anti-aging boost? For more information, get in touch with us today.

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