Not Losing Weight? Workout Outside this Spring!

We all know how winter can impact our motivation to workout, but it can also affect how well we workout. The colder months generally result in a shift to indoor gyms, a reality which can often lead to fitness plateaus, especially post-holidays while we frantically compete for the elliptical day after day.

This spring, get your motivation back by training outdoors.

Getting outside to train benefits both your mental and physical wellbeing, according to a study conducted by The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. When compared to exercising indoors, participants who exercised outside in a natural environment showed a significant increase in energy, positive engagement and revision, while also experiencing a decrease in feelings of tension and depression. Researchers also found that participants who exercised outdoors had a greater sense of satisfaction and were more willing to repeat the activity at a later time/date, compared to those who completed their workout indoors. Another US study found that those who exercise outdoors tend to extend the duration of their workouts when compared to those training indoors. The study found, particularly adults over the age of 66, increased their physical activity intentionally by 30 minutes per week while training outdoors.

When cycling or running indoors, you expend less energy as you would covering the same distance outdoors. Despite changing the incline grade of a treadmill to the recommended 1% or higher, indoor training simply can’t beat (or effectively mimic) the benefits of a changing terrain or wind resistance. Researchers suggest that due to these subtle changes in environment, cycling or running outdoors leads to more calories burned in a shorter amount of time.

Now, what about the stubborn trouble spots that refuse to adjust to meet your goals, despite frequent training and a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle?

For the stubborn fat that won’t leave your side(s) despite your best efforts of eating healthy and training outdoors, book your SculpSure appointment today. SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-approved non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen laser treatment. Taking only 25 minutes, you can squeeze a SculpSure treatment after brunch and before spin class with ease!

The controlled light-base technology simultaneously treats multiple problem areas both pinchable surface fat and non-pinchable fat. The 1060 nm wavelength penetrates, targets and shocks fat below the dermis. The cooling applicator head, simultaneously soothes the skin for maximum comfort while killing fat cells which are later naturally disposed from the body. SculpSure is suitable for all shapes, sizes and skin types. With a satisfaction rating of over 80%, SculpSure is often referred to as the 25-minute game changer. In fact, in just one treatment, patients can experience a 24% reduction in fat volume and within 6 to twelve weeks of your first treatment, you can expect to see you optimal results.

By combining outdoor training and healthy eating with SculpSure, you can ensure you feel confident and summer-ready for the first beach day of the season (and all of the beach days to follow). For more information or to book a consultation, click here!

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